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What Are Stacy Keibler’s Best Outfits, Top 21 Hottest Outfits Ranked

Stacy Keibler: From Dazzling Entrances to Memorable Matches, We Rank the WWE Hall of Famer’s Best Outfits of her career.

Stacy Keibler's Best Outfits

For many wrestling aficionados, the mention of Stacy Keibler instantly brings back memories of a tall, elegant figure gracefully ascending the WWE ropes, leaving the audience entranced. She has legs and she knows how to use them, but what are Stacy Keibler best outfits? From her beginnings in the tumultuous wrestling universe post-WCW’s demise in 2001 to her departure from WWE to explore new horizons, Stacy Keibler’s journey was nothing short of hall-of-fame worthy.

While she started by enchanting audiences with her mere presence at her WWE debut, distracting Rhyno on Thursday Night SmackDown, Stacy Keibler evolved as a strategic player and a dazzling diva. Her association with wrestling bigwigs like the Dudley Boyz and superstars like Scott Steiner, Test, and the iconic Vincent Kennedy McMahon showcased her range. Furthermore, her feuds with WWE Divas such as Trish Stratus, Lita, and Torrie Wilson were always the talk of the wrestling community.

Stacy Keibler WWE Hall of Fame

Despite never clinching a championship, Stacy’s legacy in WWE remains unmatched. Her beauty combined with her athletic prowess presented numerous memorable moments. As we reminisce about her iconic looks, we chronicle her 21 Best Outfits in her hall of fame career.

21. Stacy Keibler the Refereee

Stacy Keibler the Refereee

Throughout her tenure in the WWE, Stacy Keibler took on various roles, each designed to make the most of her charismatic appeal and leggy advantage. But among her many appearances, one that particularly stood out was when she donned a referee outfit.

As a special guest referee, Stacy donned a black and white striped top that was modified to be a bit more form-fitting than what we typically see on WWE’s usual referees. Paired with a pair of black shorts that emphasized her famously long legs, the outfit was both a nod to the traditional referee garb and a tweak to fit the WWE’s penchant for showmanship during that era.

20. Super Stacy

Super Stacy Keibler

It’s hard to imagine a list like this without mentioning the time Stacy Keibler embraced the superhero persona. In the latter part of her WWE journey, Stacy teamed up with Hurricane and Rosey, adding her own flair to the mix as ‘Super Stacy’. Given her impressive stature, almost six feet tall, Stacy could easily have fit into the pantheon of Marvel or DC superheroes. One wonders why they haven’t called yet!

19. Stacy Keibler’s Entrance into the WWE

Stacy Keibler First Appearance in the WWE

WCW enthusiasts were hardly surprised when Stacy Keibler transitioned to WWE during the renowned Invasion storyline of 2001. This marked the culmination of Vince McMahon’s efforts to end the Monday Night War definitively. Introduced alongside Shane McMahon as a member of The Alliance, Stacy made her entrance in a striking black ensemble that highlighted her signature feature: her forty-one-and-a-half-inch legs. Rhyno, on the other hand, seemed less than thrilled.

18. First Ever Lingerie Match: Stacy vs Torrie

Earning a spot in the Top 10 WWE Matches of 2001, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson faced off in a groundbreaking Lingerie Match at the No Mercy PPV event. Stacy sported a bold black dominatrix-inspired ensemble and even wielded a whip, cheekily using it on Torrie. Quite the spectacle! Despite many defeats in her wrestling tenure, including this one, Stacy’s career was never hampered by a loss, as the subsequent entries on this list will reveal.

17. Showdown in Swimwear

Stacy Keibler wasn’t the sole WCW talent to transition to WWE. Torrie Wilson, another significant name, eventually shifted her allegiances, leading to a spirited rivalry between the two iconic blondes throughout the latter part of 2001. Honestly, fans seemed torn on whom to support. During a memorable episode of Thursday Night SmackDown, the two Divas squared off in a Bikini Contest. While Torrie emerged victorious, many would argue that Stacy’s performance deserved nothing less than a tie!

16. Plaid School Girl Skirt Chic

Stacy Keibler vs Trish Startus in England

The early 2000s saw many WWE Divas donning the schoolgirl ensemble, but Stacy Keibler was among the pioneers. During the unique WWE Divas Undressed Special on Spike TV, Stacy stood out in her playful schoolgirl attire, evoking a nostalgic charm. Accompanied by a set of books, her ensemble, complete with a vibrant red plaid skirt and pigtails, made a lasting impression on the audience. Stacy, once again, captured hearts effortlessly.

15. The Iconic Duchess of Dudleyville

The Duchess of Dudleyville

Not long after her debut, Stacy Keibler stepped into the role of the Duchess of Dudleyville, aligning herself with the Dudleys under The Alliance banner, representing both WCW and ECW. Stacy’s captivating appearance often played into the Dudley’s strategy, serving as a distraction to their adversaries when they needed an edge in the ring. The image above hints at her distracting prowess. But Stacy, shouldn’t your focus have been on the opposition?

14. A Memorable Arrival to Raw

Stacy Keibler had a unique ability to captivate audiences, often without even trying. During the summer of 2002, when Eric Bischoff was revealing Raw’s newest addition, fans might have anticipated big names like The Undertaker or Kurt Angle. But it was Stacy Keibler! Instead of marking her arrival with a conventional challenge to the Women’s Champion, Stacy went a different route. She showcased her daring side by dancing on the announcer’s table, much to the delight of fans and commentators alike.

13. Stacy vs Trish – Bra And Panties Match

Stacy Keibler vs Trish Status - Bra & Panities Match WWE

After transitioning back to the Raw brand, Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus engaged in a memorable rivalry for the Women’s Championship. Eric Bischoff, known for his unconventional match stipulations, often set up competitions that were more about the spectacle than the sport. Among these were paddle-on-a-pole matches, Mud matches, and several Bra and Panties matches. While Stacy didn’t secure victories in these matches, the nature of the contests often left fans with divided loyalties.

12. Stacy Keibler Latex Ring Gear

Stacy Keibler Latex Ring Gear

Stacy Keibler, in contrast to many of her peers from the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression periods, didn’t rely on revealing tops to make an impression. This distinction set her apart. Many of her outfits, like the one she donned for a match against Miss Jackie on Monday Night Raw, highlighted this unique latex choice, prioritizing modesty up top. However, one thing remained constant: her iconic legs always took center stage.

11. Catching Mr. McMahon’s Attention

Following the 2002 brand split, Vince McMahon determined he required a personal assistant for myriad responsibilities. On a memorable episode of SmackDown!, Stacy Keibler appeared as the final contender for the role in a segment that remains among her standout moments. Donning a chic business attire that echoed her Miss Hancock days in WCW, Stacy eschewed a traditional interview. Instead, she chose to dance atop the interview table to make her case. Vince’s response? An emphatic “You’re hired!”

10. The Origins of Miss Hancock Best Outfits

WCW created the role of Miss Hancock for Keibler, whose long legs, short skirts, and titillating table dances at ringside were often the highlight of “Nitro” and “Thunder.” While Stacy Keibler might be more widely associated with WWE, her iconic persona from WCW still resonates with many. Introduced to the wrestling audience as Miss Hancock, she sported a tailored business suit that highlighted her statuesque presence.

Miss Hancock became the gateway for Stacy into the world of professional wrestling, establishing a presence that would endure for years. Although this persona was exclusive to WCW, Stacy reprised the memorable outfit during a 2003 RAW segment, to the sheer delight of her fans.

9. Catching Randy Orton’s Eye

In a peculiar segment, Randy Orton had the Raw Divas assemble in the ring, persuading them to showcase their lingerie. While Melina and Candice Michelle undeniably looked alluring, it was Stacy Keibler who truly captivated Orton. This electric encounter paved the way for their subsequent on-screen romance. Alas, this bond took a bitter turn when Orton shockingly RKO’d Stacy to send a message to The Undertaker ahead of WrestleMania 21.

8. Test’s Jealous Streak

2003 saw Stacy Keibler and Test becoming WWE’s headline couple, reflecting their real-life relationship. To give Test’s character a quirk, Stacy amusingly named his fanbase “Testicles”. However, the plot thickened when Test began to resent the limelight shining brighter on Stacy than him. The narrative evolved, with Test’s character turning increasingly hostile towards Stacy. That’s when Scott Steiner, aka “Big Poppa Pump”, stepped into the scene, positioning himself as Stacy’s defender. In a strategic move to ruffle Test’s feathers, during one of his matches, Stacy stole the show by giving Steiner a memorable lap dance that had the WWE Universe buzzing.

7. The Signature Entrance

A Stacy Keibler compilation would be incomplete without mentioning her iconic entrance. Every time Kid Rock’s beats filled the arena, fans anticipated Stacy’s grand entry. Leveraging her height advantage, Stacy’s unique style involved climbing the ring through the middle rope, delighting fans with a candid view of her form. And it wasn’t just her athleticism that had the audience’s attention – her short dresses elevated the spectacle. Stacy’s charm and vivacity were undeniable. Scott Steiner, for one, would wholeheartedly concur.

6. Stacy Keibler in the Shortest Little Skirt

While Stacy Keibler played the role of Test’s manager, their on-screen relationship was tumultuous, to say the least (all part of the scripted narrative, of course). This tension led to a showdown between Test and Scott Steiner at Unforgiven 2003, with Stacy’s managerial services on the line. In a bid to swing the match in Steiner’s favor, Stacy employed her own brand of distraction, including a particularly bold moment with her denim attire. However, things took an unfortunate turn when Stacy mistakenly struck Steiner with a chair intended for Test. Consequently, the storyline had Stacy returning to her tumultuous partnership with Test. Looking back, it’s a poignant reminder of the controversial narratives WWE once pursued.

5. The Grandest Stage at WrestleMania XX

Stacy Keibler WWE Wrestlemania XX

At WrestleMania’s landmark 20th event, Stacy Keibler took part in a unique bout – a Tag Team Playboy Evening Gown Match. Paired with Miss Jackie, they squared off against Playboy cover models, Torrie Wilson and Sable. The foundation for this clash? Stacy and Miss Jackie’s on-screen sentiment that they should’ve been the ones gracing the magazine’s pages. In an unexpected twist, the Divas commenced the match not in gowns but without them. Among the participants, Stacy Keibler particularly stood out, captivating the audience with her presence.

4. Divas Gone Wild

In 2003, WWE decided to endorse a Girls Gone Wild Special, mirroring the popular cultural trend of combining wrestling with glamorous women. While Torrie Wilson and Nidia were already confirmed participants from SmackDown!, it was on Raw that things got a tad more theatrical. Jerry “The King” Lawler, accompanied by Stacy Keibler, took center stage. How did they captivate the audience’s attention? Jerry had a water gun, and in a bid to entertain, decided to playfully splash Stacy Keibler, turning her white shorts transparent. Those early wrestling days sure had a unique sense of showmanship!

3. Dance Showdown

Stacy Keibler's Dance Off

Molly Holly felt overshadowed by Stacy Keibler’s consistent spotlight on Monday Night Raw, especially given Molly’s status as a former Women’s Champion. To stake her claim and draw attention, Molly issued an open challenge to Stacy, proclaiming she could outdo her in any endeavor. Rising to the occasion, Stacy accepted, leading to a dance showdown between the two. With just a short skirt as her attire, Stacy dazzled, earning overwhelming audience approval. Molly, unable to mask her envy, retaliated. The age-old tale of green-eyed envy played out in the ring.

2. The Iconic Schoolgirl Attire

On a Monday Night Raw episode from England, Stacy Keibler stepped up to challenge the dominant Trish Stratus for the Women’s Championship in late 2004. This bout stands out as one of Stacy’s most remarkable performances with WWE. While fans ardently wished for a Stacy victory, the outcome was, regrettably, in line with her past challenges—another loss. Initially, Stacy appeared relatively modest, save for her trademark legs. However, as evidenced in the photo, a strategic move by Trish unveiled a more revealing side of Stacy.

1. Stacy Keibler’s Memorable Exit

Kiebler Final Match

In what would be her swan song in professional wrestling—both in WWE and globally—Stacy Keibler faced off against Jillian Hall in the main event of SmackDown’s pre-recorded show, Velocity. Jillian, aiming to leverage Stacy’s popularity, proposed to be her publicist. Declining the offer, Stacy’s decision led to friction and subsequently, a match. Although Stacy couldn’t clinch the victory, her ensemble of cute blue shorts paired with a black top was enough to leave a lasting, endearing impression on the fans.

Stacy Keibler Best Outfits

In the world of wrestling, while many have come and gone, Stacy Keibler remains an icon, enchanting fans with her beauty, skill, and memorable outfits. Her hall-of-fame journey through WWE’s rings has been etched in history, one dazzling outfit at a time.

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