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What Are Liv Morgan’s Best Outfits, Top 10 Hottest Outfits Ranked

The Gorgeous “Watch Me” Superstar: Liv Morgan’s Top 10 Most Iconic and Hottest Outfits in the WWE.

Liv Morgan's Best Outfits

What are Liv Morgan Best Outfits in the WWE? Liv Morgan is a pro wrestler known not only for her ring prowess but also for her glamorous looks. One of the most beautiful women in WWE history, She brings the heat with a unique sense of style and edge both inside and outside of that squared circle that fans enjoy. It’s that very swagger that’s made Liv Morgan an icon in the world of wrestling. So, like we did for fellow WWE baddie Alexa Bliss, join us as we take a look at some of the best outfits she has donned during her exciting wrestling career. We feature the hottest outfits that made her stand out from an already stacked cast of great wrestlers. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

10. “Watch Me” Money In The Bank 2021

In 2021, Liv Morgan brought her A-game for the WWE Money in the Bank PPV event. She was undoubtedly one of the favorites to walk away with all that green, per the fans. While that didn’t come to pass, Liv Morgan lived up to her sense of fashion and memorability with this alluring outfit.

Leaning into her catchphrase, “Watch me”, she made sure to go with an outfit adorned with green eyes on her chest, studs, and chains. The entire look was aesthetically beyond impressive and had her name written all over it.

9. Liv Morgan Best Outfits Girl Next Door

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a girl next door? It’s such a popular look and for good reason. It’s trendy, gorgeous, and can be made to look very sexy in its own right. Liv Morgan’s take on the girl next door look is a testament to all of those things as she dons a dotted top and skirt with a pair of heels, topping it off with a lovely set of glasses.

With this look, Liv Morgan proves simplicity is key. The outfit also compliments her very fit physique, which is beyond impressive in its own right.

8. Liv Morgan Cosplay Britney Spears Outfit

Liv Morgan kicked off 2022 by bringing the heat with this fiery tribute to Britney Spears. Dressed to the nines in an all-red bodysuit, Liv Morgan looked nothing short of exquisite, she rocked this bodysuit much to fans’ enjoyment. While she hasn’t brought this look back since she did wear 2 other variations of it. One was on an episode of Monday Night Raw, showing off more skin, and another variation of it in Saudi Arabia at the Elimination Chamber where she was covered from head to toe barring her face and hands. Nevertheless, this look is one of Liv Morgan’s best.

7. Jean Shorts “Welcome Back Liv” Outfit

When Liv Morgan made her grand return to the ring after an injury, she was moved to tears by the fan reception. They made sure to roar as loud as they could, welcoming her back into the fold. For the occasion, the 29-year-old wore a smoldering pair of jean shorts. The overwhelmingly positive reception of her appearance at the event.

It’s quite obvious that Liv Morgan loves what she does, and that the fans adore her right back, too. Not to mention her outfit being on point, Morgan looked like an absolute smokeshow here.

6. Liv Morgan Pretty “Hot” in Pink Ring Gear

The phrase “pretty in pink” never looked this hot before. Liv Morgan decided to set the ring on fire with this incredible outfit. Adorned in a pink set of gear, she looked like both, a Barbie doll and a warrior woman. After all, Liv Morgan is a total beauty who fights like a beast, which, coupled with that outfit is enough to steal the hearts and minds of the fans.

Nothing screams sexy more than a gorgeous woman that can kick some serious butt. Liv Morgan’s hot pink look is totally iconic for this very reason and therefore makes the list of being one of her very best.

5. Liv’s Leather Outfit at Royal Rumble 2020

Liv Morgan was ready to rumble at the Royal Rumble event back in 2020. To commemorate the occasion, she showed up in a steamy black leather one-piece. The outfit hugged her fit body perfectly as Morgan made sure to send fans’ pulses racing. Liv Morgan’s style for alluring attire never fails, and the ample look at her quads this outfit provided fans is proof that she is always pushing the envelope on how to be an extremely beautiful and deadly wrestler.

4. Liv Morgan Extreme Rules 2021 Outfit

Liv Morgan Extreme Rules Outfit

Liv Morgan took her gear and her beauty to the extreme as she kicked off the Extreme Rules event in this gorgeous black and green gear set. During the kick-off show at the 2021 event, she battled Carmella and made sure to have all eyes on her with this beautiful, eye-poppin’ green ‘n black combo. Whether the look was an alternative color scheme she was trying out or something a little more specific like a reference to The Matrix perhaps, is unknown, but what can be said about this look is it’s one of the absolute best the wrestling star has adorned herself with.

3. Liv Morgan at Clash at the Castle 2022

For her appearance at Clash at the Castle back in 2022, Liv Morgan chose to go all-white everything with her attire. The result? One of her best and hottest outfits to date! Besides her gear looking fantastic, it also serves as a reference to the Sensational Sherri, aka Sherri Martel. 30 years after the Sensational Sherri played a role in Shawn Michael’s match vs Rick Martel, Liv Morgan would go on to defeat her opponent Shyana Blazer via pinfall. This was undoubtedly one of the most important moments in her career so it’s only fair that it was commemorated with an equally memorable and monumental outfit.

2. Liv Morgan Summerslam 2023

Liv Morgan’s Summerslam outfit was a slam dunk. Donning a black latex top and skirt made of shimmering leather, then pairing it with some fishnets and matching heel boots was a stroke of genius on her part. Morgan rocked the outfit as she had every single one mentioned on this list, with confidence, swagger, and glory. The blonde bombshell is pictured here striking a pose behind a sleek blue vehicle, her shades bringing an extra layer of ‘cool’ to the mix.

Only Liv Morgan could be both cool and hot at the same time, and have it work so well.

1. Liv Morgan Christina Aguilera Dirrty

When it comes to oozing pure sex appeal, Liv Morgan does that effortlessly. What she does just as well is finding the inspirations for her sets of gear and this one is by far one of the hottest. The wrestling star pays a smoldering homage to Christina Aguilera. She was able to get herself featured in the Royal Rumble’s first match, where she got the chance to flaunt both this awesome outfit and her wrestling skills in front of the world, earning her more fanfare. The outfit accentuates her abs, as they are on full display here and Morgan’s signature catchphrase “watch me” appears in a cheeky way, too.

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