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Megan Fox in the Trees Looking Gorgeous in New Photoshoot

The ‘Expendables 4’ star and icon of attraction flaunts in the natural glow of Mother Nature.

Megan Fox in a tree

Megan Fox in the Trees showing off her modeling skills is a beautiful sight to behold and one many a fan of the Hollywood starlet would love to see. For fans who adore Fox’s beauty, sensuality, and sense of adventure and most importantly just wanna see Megan Fox in the trees, this new shoot should tick all the boxes.

Megan Fox is one of the most talented actors working today, having starred in some of the biggest movies of all time. From Transformers to cult classics like Jennifer’s Body, the actor has an impressive range of movies under her belt. The actor/model has been booked and busy these past few months sporting an array of different gigs, and now Megan Fox in the trees for a brand-new photoshoot is the latest new gig she’s scored.

Megan Fox in the trees wears a green bikini that’s well in line with the theme of the shoot. Fox confidently looks one with nature as she finds herself atop the trees of a gorgeous forest, the perfect backdrop for a shoot of this nature. She also unironically looks like she’s pulling off a great Poison Ivy cosplay. Megan Fox for Poison Ivy, anyone? 

When not taking leisurely strolls in the forest being captured by a great photography team and looking effortlessly gorgeous, Fox has been busy making tons of moves in her career. A great photoshoot on the cover of SI: Swimsuit for instance, and her very recent collaboration with Blizzard’s Diablo 4 saw the actor/model making waves once more for both her glamorous looks and her collabs with these juggernaut brands.

Megan Fox in the trees

But let’s not forget about the badass new role she’s secured for herself in The Expendables 4, where she is all set to appear against titans like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and more. Her character likely replaces Charisma Carpenter from the previous films as Statham’s character’s new love interest and they have quite a steamy dynamic with each other. 

Fox is without a doubt one of the coolest to ever do it and fans everywhere are always excited to see what she does next. 

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