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The Expendables

Megan Fox Dominates The Expendables 4 Trailer: Joining the Action Franchise

Explosive Action Unleashed: Megan Fox Takes on Jason Statham, with 50 Cent Powering Up the Squad in ‘Expendables 4’.

Expendables 4 Trailer: Sylvester Stallone

Megan Fox Expendables 4: Megan Fox is no stranger to action movies. Starring in blockbuster franchises and heavy hitters like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not to mention the incredible cult classic Jennifer’s Body, she has a penchant for stardom. But her latest role in The Expendables 4 might be her most badass yet. The actress joins Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, 50 Cent, and other action legends in the fourth installment of this explosive series.

WATCH: The Expendables 4 Trailer

The film features a stacked cast full of heavy hitters and explosive action that fans of the genre and these action legends are sure to appreciate. Along with Megan Fox, the franchise welcomes 50 Cent, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Andy Garcia, and more.

Megan Fox And Jason Statham Getting Steamy

Megan Fox Expendables 4 Trailer

The movie’s adrenaline-pumping trailer shows Megan Fox and Jason Statham as a couple and it seems like he’s not the only badass of this relationship. The two get into a really steamy fight in the trailer, and it’s nice to see Megan Fox is still capable of stealing hearts and capturing the minds of her fans. Megan Fox holds her own against the likes of Stallone and Statham in an action role and she does so with practiced bravado.

After seeing the trailer, when fans think “Megan Fox Expendables 4”, they can expect to see her kick, punch, and shoot her way through those unfortunate to cross her character in the film, just as she did in the trailer; like a certified badass.

Megan Fox Expendables 4

Megan Fox’s Recent Dominance

The whole Megan Fox Expendables 4 craze aside, though, the actor isn’t just slaying as an action star. Fox has been dominating the headlines recently as she recently graced the cover of SI Swimsuit, showing off her flawless figure. Not only that, but she also collaborated with Blizzard Entertainment for a Diablo 4 promo, enticing players to send their worst deaths in the game to win an official eulogy from her for their character. Now with the Megan Fox Expendables 4 factor, the Hollywood starlet has shown that she is in high demand.

It’s not untrue to say that Megan Fox is an Icon, a fact you can verify by just peeking at her Instagram. Here she often posts killer selfies, photoshoots, and more to over 21 million followers.

At 37, Megan Fox is looking better than ever. Having overcome a great many challenges and criticisms in both her career and personal life, she has managed to rise above it all. Now with The Expendables 4 on the horizon, Megan Fox is ready to dominate the action genre and hopefully go even further beyond.

Megan Fox Expendables 4 Outfit
Megan Fox Instagram

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