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Abigail Review Abigail Review


'Abigail' spins a blood-soaked ballet of horror, where innocence meets the unimaginable in the dance of the undead.

Sydney Sweeney Black Cat Marvel Sydney Sweeney Black Cat Marvel

Marvel Movies

Sydney Sweeney Rumored to Join Spider-Man 4 as Black Cat in a Tangled Love Triangle.

Jurassic Cast Jurassic Cast

Movie News

Jonathan Bailey, Colman Domingo, and Dev Patel rumored to be eyed for the new Jurassic World movie directed by Gareth Edwards.

under the bridge review under the bridge review


The Extraordinary Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough star in Hulu's Gripping 'Under The Bridge'.

Katy Perry Margot Robbie Brie Larson The Breakthrough Prize 2024 Katy Perry Margot Robbie Brie Larson The Breakthrough Prize 2024


Katy Perry, Margot Robbie, and Brie Larson: The Big Night Out in Hollywood at the Academy Museum.

Megan Fox Coachella 2024 Megan Fox Coachella 2024


Blue Hues and New Beginnings: Megan Fox Electrifies Coachella with Bold Style and Personal Revelations.


Spotlight with Kat Siggers. Hosted by our dynamic presenter, Kat, the show offers insightful interviews with leading figures in the entertainment and geek culture universe.


Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

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Alison Brie Miami Film Festival 2024


A Vision in Peach: Alison Brie Captivates at Miami Film Festival.

Margot Robbie Monopoly Movie Margot Robbie Monopoly Movie

Movie News

After conquering Barbie Land, Margot Robbie is trading in pink convertibles for property deeds with Monopoly.

Civil War review Civil War review


A technically impressive film with strong central characters, but ultimately unsatisfying due to its lack of depth and clear message.

Fallout Review Fallout Review


The team behind 'Westworld' brings the popular videogame saga to life in a new action-packed, big-budget Prime show.