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NXT Gold Rush Night 1 Review: Breakdown, Winners, and Reactions

The Ultimate Thrills and Explosive Moments in the Epic NXT Goldrush Night 1: Breakdown Review.

NXT Gold Rush

NXT Gold Rush Night 1 Review: The NXT Gold Rush was underway, commencing with the June 20 episode, which showcased thrilling encounters for two prestigious championships. Additionally, fierce rivals engaged in a battle for their chance at future glory.

Setting his sights high, Bron Breakker fearlessly issued a challenge to Seth Rollins, vying for the illustrious WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Following a relentless clash with Finn Bálor on Raw, the question remained: Could the visionary Rollins successfully defend his title against this ambitious young upstart?

Tyler Bate vs (C) Wes Lee
NXT North American Championship

When Mustafa Ali shockingly returned to NXT a couple of weeks ago he immediately put himself into the NXT North American championship discussion. Forming a friendship with both Tyler Bate and Champion Wes Lee, Ali finally convinced 2 of NXT’s most popular superstars to have a match for the Title which has been anticipated.

This was a fun one as Lee’s high-flying ability and quickness were tested by the Big Strong Boy, despite this match beginning with some questionable officiating by Ali it went on to be a back-and-forth battle! As it looked like Lee was about to be counted out he and Bate were both revived by the official and the champ hit his finisher to retain! With respect being shown between all three, what an absolute banger.

Backstage Segment #1

As the show cuts backstage we see Jacy Jayne being watched by the once more unknown nxt anonymous, suddenly arrives Lyra Valkyria who is unhappy with Jayne’s comments from a week ago and basically gives her the “shut your mouth or I’ll do it for you” can we expect a matchup between the two? I hope so! Also, someone find out who Anonymous is!

Chase U Pep Rally

Chase U - Gold Rush - NXT - NXT Gold Rush Night 1 Review
Photo by: Esteban Cardenas

As next week approaches quickly, Duke Hudson and Chase University used all resources to throw a fun pep rally for Thea Hail who will challenge Tiffany Stratton in Gold Rush Night 2 for the NXT Women’s Championship! This, of course, was not to the liking of the champion as she did not feel it was in the spirit of Tiffy-Time, she interrupted and mocked Thea and chase u, guaranteeing victory right in their faces until the pep rally ended with the champ being put in a kimura lock by the challenger and “tiffy-tapping” a fun segment and can’t wait to see this match next week as Thea is a rising star ready to face the standard of the NXT women’s division!

Backstage Segment #2 

As we saw life in the Schism isn’t as promising and happy as it once was, as Joe Gacy can’t seem to get on the winning side of things it appears his diad partners aren’t very pleased with his failures as of late and when it looks like the three men are to argue Ava Raine ends all and is the middle woman of the group, the Diamond mine watching this realize they need to stop joking around and take the Schism seriously and threaten to be the ones to eliminate them from NXT!

A triple threat tag team match to determine the #1 contender for the NXT Tag Team Championships at night 2 of Gold Rush, I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this one but long story short these six men put on a show with high flying from Edris and Malik to hard-hitting from Briggs and Jensen as well as Hank and tank! It looked at moments when any of the 3 teams could get the W, This match definitely showed that tag team wrestling can still matter and be fun! It will be exciting to see if the brand capitalizes on the success of this match while next week edris and Malik will have their shot at the titles! Can they be the ones to take down the Gallus boys? Where does Los Latharios fall in all of this? We will see!

Backstage Segment #3 

Eddie Thorpe is minding his own business when up comes Damon Kemp, awaiting the decision on a match type for their rematch kemp says he is bringing RAW Underground to NXT! This should be brutal and exciting to see! All of a sudden screaming is heard and we see Roxanne Perez standing over a fallen Blair Davenport, it appears Perez is not going to forget or forgive the attack a couple of weeks ago! I’m here for it!

Backstage Segment #4

Seth Rollins NXT
Photo by: Esteban Cardenas

The champ is in the house! WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins is greeted by his former student, Nathan Frazier, as the New NXT Heritage Cup Champion. Thanks to his former teacher for everything, Seth tells Nathan how proud he is of him for the person and performer he has become.

Then, enters HIM himself, the NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes, and Trick Williams, showing respect to each other as champions. It’ll be interesting if this leads to a champion vs. champion match at some point.

Cora Jade Vs Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke in her first singles match back in NXT had to deal with “the resident mean girl” Cora Jade, it did not start off well for Dana as Jade controlled much of the first half of this contest. Dana finally got on her feet and started to put Cora down but just as fast as she got started her knee buckled. The match was momentarily stopped and the medical team was brought out, “the resident mean girl” found this hilarious and mocked Dana for several minutes as he was put onto a stretcher until Brooke had had enough.

Core slapped her face, and she preceded to her off the stretcher and continue to fight. This did not last long as Cora quickly put Dana Brooke in a Boston crab, although there was no tap the referee decided to call the match protecting Brooke but giving Jade what I’d call a must-win. Here’s hoping Dana is okay but the exciting thing about this match to me was how behind Cora the crowd was, have they finally accepted the Generation of Jade?

Backstage Segment #4 

We once again see Eddie Thorpe, this time amongst his fellow NXT superstars back in the locker room, discussing this raw underground match with Damon Kemp, Scrypts and Axiom ask him how he’s gonna handle such a match when in walks Gable Stevenson (brother of Damon kemp) offering his help to Eddie with training, is it smart to trust the brother of your opponent? Well… for Eddie’s sake, I hope so.. or maybe this is Damon’s plan? 

Baron Corbin vs (C) Carmelo Hayes
NXT Championship Stand-Off

Baron Corbin and NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes take the ring to give words for the final time before next week’s big matchup, comparing careers/ lifestyles/ bank accounts, Melo tells Baron Corbin he is no longer relevant and NXT is his house and he is HIM, Baron responds by saying if you have to constantly tell the whole world you’re “HIM” you’re a nobody and the NXT championship will be coming back to his $1.8 million house with him!

The ongoing feud between these two teams only escalated with this match-up, with Leon and Feroz taking the first meeting a couple of weeks back on level up. It was Jakara Jackson and Lash legend, taking it this time, of course, with the help of their guys Noam Dar and Oro Mensah, this was a quick match but this feud is far from over! A brief appearance from Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez has us wondering also if will they team up with their Latina Counterparts.

Bron Breakker vs (C) Seth “Freakin” Rollins
WWE World Heavyweight Championship 

Let me start off by saying unless you were in the building for this one it’s hard to understand the roar Seth “Freakin” Rollins returned during his entrance and return home to NXT! In what was being called the biggest main event in NXT history this one did not disappoint, bron breaker came into this fight with me vs the world feeling, he hit Seth with everything he had and was almost able to shock the world with his manhandle slam and deadly spear! It took everything including diving into Bron Breakker through a table and 2 curb stomps but Seth got the job done and knocked off the young buck.

With another roar from the chorus of the NXT universe singing for the champ, out of nowhere The Prince himself Finn Bálor attacks Rollins and nearly gets another chair attack on him before Carmelo and Trick come to save the day! The show goes off the air with the world champ and the NXT champ in the ring together! What a first night of NXT GoldRush it was, I can’t wait for Night 2! 

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