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James Gunn Shares the Comic Book Cover That Inspired Superman: Legacy

There is so much we don’t know about James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. One thing is clear, Lois Lane is going to be front and center.

Superman: Legacy is coming

Ever since James Gunn branded DC Studios and revealed his Kal-El biopic Superman, fans have been jonesin’ for facts about the movie. Ask and you shall receive, nerds!

Fortunately, Gunn shoots from the hip on social media and will answer those fans, occasionally. This week, WBD’s savior-in-waiting shared a peculiar Instagram post. And, as he surely predicted, it broke the Internet.

Superman: Legacy and the power of social media.

Do you have a guess? Can you make up your mind? Odds are that you skipped smooth over James Gunn’s favorite in that mix. Look at the fourth row down and three over from the left.

We know this because the man told us. It’s buried within the 1000s of comments when he spoke to Superman & Lois star Elizabeth Tulloch. The CW’s Lois Lane responded to the Instagram post, then Gunn confirmed. Huzzah!

The one with Lois on the cover in a purple cardigan was one of the images I sent to our wardrobe department to try to emulate. A lot of fans had told me purple was Lois’s color.

From there, the Superman: Legacy director replied, “I really love the art and used it in my treatment.”

The Muse for Superman Legacy

The original Superman
Christopher Reeve’s costume at the 2003 Christie’s auction. (Credit: Ian Walton/Getty Images)

The cover in question is an eye-opening comic book, considering how Lois has been portrayed in the past. It’s Action Comics #965 from 2016, which features a strong and prominent Lois Lane.

This is only good news for Rachel Brosnahan, primarily known as Midge Maisel in Prime Video’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, who has been cast as the intrepid reporter. If this cover is proof, Lois Lane will not have been cast any more prominently than Margot Kidder was in the original Superman featuring the late, great Christopher Reeve.

Action Comics 965 inspired James Gunn and Superman: Legacy

DC Studios delivered a concocted synopsis of Superman: Legacy. Most importantly, this will not be an origin story. Think Matt Reeves’ The Batman with a grown-up hero struggling to find his identity inside and outside his alter-ego.

That struggle for truth is foreshadowing as well. That discovery is precisely what DC Studios is attempting to do with the launch of this film–the first stand-alone Superman project since Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Now that the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes have been resolved (kinda), James Gunn can begin discussing characters, themes, and a few cryptic hints. Much like the wallpaper art, many details about Superman: Legacy have been hidden in plain sight. But it will be fascinating to see how Lois Lane and Brosnahan will be featured in the movie.

The unveiling of Gunn’s vision will culminate on July 11, 2025.

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