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Star Wars

Ahsoka Episode Five Recap & Review – Shadow Warrior 

Ahsoka and Anakin Unlock the Secrets of Ahsoka: Episode Five – Shadow Warrior Recap & Review.

Ahsoka Episode Five Recap

Ahsoka Episode Five Recap: 9 / 10 : Ahsoka Episode Five pumps the brakes on finding Ezra and Thrawn and instead tells a uniquely intimate story that jumps from past to present. It’s filled with fan service and memorable action, giving us just enough to continue the main plot for the next episode. There’s lots to unpack, so let’s waste no time and dive in. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Ahsoka Episode Five Recap.

Where Do We Go From Here? 

Ahsoka Episode Five Recap

We begin, as usual, right where we left off. Hera lands near the wreckage but assumes they’ve “missed the party”, which is correct. She hears something behind one of the rocks (the score does wonders here), but it just ends up being Huyang, holding Sabine’s helmet. Upset, he says “I told them to stay together, but they never listen”. 

We cut to the World Between Worlds to resume the reunion between Ahsoka and Anakin (Hayden Christensen). Both share playful banter at first, but something lurks under the surface. Anakin claims he’s here to finish her training, but Ahsoka states it’s a little too late for that, “One is never too old to learn, Snips”, he replies. Ahsoka accepts, but to what? “Live or die”, Anakin says as he takes out his lightsaber, it’s blue (for now). Ahsoka is hesitant to fight, but he leaves her no choice and a duel begins. 

Back to Seatos, Carson Teva warns Hera that they’ve stayed out of contact for too long, and there may be consequences. But she’s distracted; Jacen, her son, senses something in the water, something they cannot see, but he can hear lightsabers. Hera soon recognizes it and orders her crew to scan the water more. 

Ahsoka Episode Five Review - Young Ahsoka

Ahsoka holds her ground as the dual continues, but Anakin gets the upper hand. “I haven’t taught you everything yet,” he says and sweeps the platform under Ahsoka. She falls, descending fast into a cloud of purple, but to where? She lands on the ground, in an orange, stylized, almost dystopian place. Ahsoka rises, 

it’s her younger self (Ariana Greenblatt). There’s smoke around her and troops pass by with purpose, weapons at the ready. Anakin appears, but he’s in his Clone Wars gear, with different hair too. Ahsoka is lost at this point, “Where are we?” she asks, “That’s your problem”, he replies. Now they both run into the war, lightsabers deflecting incoming fire. 

Later, the battle has calmed, and fallen troops are taken onto stretchers. Ahsoka soaks it all in, conflicted. She tells Anakin this isn’t what she’s trained for, nor who she wants to be, Anakin scolds her to get with the changing times. He advances back in the battle with the remaining troops, Ahsoka stays there and watches in confusion, maybe even terror as Anakin disappears into the smoke, his lightsaber is red, and a quick shot of Darth Vader is shown. This will be one of the more talked about scenes from this series, Anakin’s silhouette turns to his present self, then future self, it’s visually astonishing. 

Ahsoka Episode Five Recap - Hera, Jacen and Chopper

Carson Teva continues his rounds, Hera and Huyang the same. Teva tells Hera they still haven’t found anything, but Hera insists on continuing the search. We’re then back to Ahsoka and Anakin. It’s the Siege of Mandalore (yes that one), Ahsoka is taking down enemies, “Nice work, Commander, we’ll secure the perimeter” a nearby troop says, It’s Captain Rex (Temuera Morrison). He marches away, and that’s the last we see of him, nice fan service though. 

Anakin and Ahsoka now stand side by side, Ahsoka remains conflicted and questions the good she’s doing. Guilt flashes over her, she doesn’t like the amount of war and death throughout the galaxy, and her role in it. Anakin says she’s more than that, and Ahsoka says the same for him. “But more powerful and dangerous than anyone realized”, she adds. This is the moment that confirms Anakin is aware of his future; his destiny, but he’s not happy to be reminded of it. He turns to Ahsoka now, “I gave you a choice… live or die”. “No,” she says, and they duel again, Anakin kicks her out of frame, she lands back in the World Between Worlds, and she’s back to the present. 

Ahsoka Says I Choose to Live

Ahsoka and Anakin - Ahsoka Review

Anakin approaches closer, he’s angry, his voice different. ” You lack conviction, time to die.” They duel a final time, but Ahsoka finally gets the better, she grabs his lightsaber and hovers it over him. “I choose to live”, Anakin backs away, the red fading in his eyes, “There’s hope for you yet,” he says, then vanishes, Ahsoka is covered and disappears into the rising water. 

Ahsoka is found unconscious but alive underwater; we’re back in the main plot. They take her aboard the ship, she wakes, dazed but aware of what’s happened. Huyang, broken orb in hand, asks if she knows of Sabine’s whereabouts. She uses force to try to understand what exactly happened, we hear voiceovers from the last episode. Ahsoka understands now, she gets an idea. 

They fly into the clouds to meet the purrgil again (the star whales) but time is limited, the fleet is here to discipline Hera and bring them home. Ahsoka, on the outside edge of the ship, speaks with one of the whales, and just like that, they guide her and Huyang to Sabine. “It could go anywhere”, Huyang says, “I know, but it’s better than going nowhere”, she says. As they fly onward, Hera knows she can’t come with it, Ahsoka promises her they’ll find Sabine and Ezra. “May the force be with you” Hera closes, and the episode ends with Ahsoka and Huyang back on their way. 

The Verdict: Ahsoka Episode Five Recap 

Ahsoka episode five recap Shadow Warrior will surely please most Clone Wars fans while maintaining the plot to its own story. 

Rating: 9/10 

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