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Zendaya Dressed as a Literal Tennis Court for the Australian ‘Challengers’ Premiere

Zendaya Serves Style and Substance at the Challengers Premiere: A Grand Slam in Green.

Zendaya Challengers Premiere

Zendaya mesmerizes in a custom Loewe gown that mirrors a tennis court’s turf at the Challengers premiere in Sydney, showcasing her bold fashion choices.
The ensemble, complete with a thematic tennis player shadow pattern, plunging neckline, and high thigh slit, highlights Zendaya’s ability to blend thematic elements with high fashion.
Beyond the red carpet, Zendaya Challengers Premiere is described as a complex character piece that uses tennis as a metaphor to explore deeper themes, setting the stage for a film that’s as intriguing as its leading lady’s premiere look.
Nerdspin Line

In a striking fusion of fashion and thematic cinema, Zendaya transformed the Australian premiere of Challengers into her center court, turning heads in an ensemble that was nothing short of a sartorial grand slam. On March 26, the red carpet in Sydney bore witness to a spectacle of style and symbolism as Zendaya, the film’s leading luminary, arrived clad in an audacious Loewe creation that paid homage to the very essence of the movie – tennis.

The Art of Thematic Dressing

Zendaya’s attire, meticulously crafted by the Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe, was a daring departure from conventional red-carpet fare. The gown, a vision in vibrant green, was ingeniously designed to emulate the lush texture of a tennis court’s turf. Sequins sparkled across the fabric, catching the light and the gaze of onlookers, while the skirt featured an intricate pattern resembling the shadow of a tennis player poised for action. It was, in every sense, a serve – both on the court and off.

The plunging neckline and high thigh slit of the gown accentuated Zendaya’s statuesque frame, blending sensuality with sportiness in a way that only she could. Styled by the renowned Law Roach, the ensemble was a testament to Zendaya’s fearless approach to fashion and her ability to captivate and charm with every appearance.

Zendaya Challengers Premiere Accessorizing the Ace

Complementing the gown’s striking hue, Zendaya chose sleek green pumps, further anchoring the tennis-inspired theme. Her choice of jewelry, a pair of exquisite Bulgari earrings, added a touch of sophistication and glamour to the athletic aesthetic. With her hair styled in an elegant updo and playful side-swept bangs, Zendaya exuded a blend of coquettish charm and regal grace.

On social media, stylist Law Roach captured the essence of Zendaya’s look with a simple, yet profound statement: “She’s MAGIC…..” Indeed, Zendaya’s presence on the red carpet was nothing short of enchanting, as she embodied the spirit of Challengers with unparalleled elegance and flair.

Challengers itself is a narrative rich with complexity and nuance, as Zendaya portrays a former professional tennis player entangled in a web of personal and professional dilemmas. The film, which Zendaya describes not merely as a sports movie but as a “complicated character piece,” uses tennis as a backdrop to explore themes of love, rivalry, and self-discovery.

Zendaya’s choice of attire for the Sydney premiere was more than just a fashion statement; it was a narrative device, weaving together the threads of cinema and style. In her green Loewe gown, Zendaya was not just a star on the red carpet; she was the embodiment of Challengers, bringing the film’s essence to life with every step she took.



Tennis player turned coach Tashi has taken her husband, Art, and transformed him into a world-famous Grand Slam champion. To jolt him out of his recent losing streak, she signs him up for a "Challenger" event — close to the lowest level of pro tournament — where he finds himself standing across the net from his former best friend and Tashi's former boyfriend.

Release Date: April 17, 2024

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Cast: Zendaya , Josh O'Connor , Mike Faist

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