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Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown on ‘Stranger Things’ and Beyond: Embracing New Opportunities

From ‘Stranger Things’ to New Beginnings: Millie Bobby Brown’s Candid Journey in Hollywood.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown, the talented actress we’ve watched grow up on our screens as Eleven in Stranger Things, recently opened up to Glamour magazine. In the heartfelt interview, conducted prior to the commencement of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Brown discussed her journey on the hit show, her eagerness for new opportunities, and the challenges she faced as a young actor in the spotlight.

She candidly shared her feelings about the show’s impending finale, “Stranger Things occupies a significant portion of my time, which at times hinders me from exploring and creating the narratives I truly resonate with. While I’m profoundly grateful for the platform it’s given me, it feels like the right time to bid adieu and shift my focus.” Likening the end of the series to the transition of graduating high school, she expressed readiness to embark on new adventures, carrying the lessons and experiences with her.

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Millie Bobby Brown Says ‘Stranger Things’ Is ‘Preventing Me From Creating Stories I’m Passionate About

Millie Bobby Brown - Glamour Magazine
Glamour Magazine

Beyond just acting skills, Stranger Things gave Brown a close-knit community. She affirmed, “The bond we’ve built is everlasting. Even after the show wraps, I’ll always have these relationships.”

Brown has never been one to shy away from new opportunities. Her enthusiasm is palpable when discussing her upcoming project, The Electric State, a post-apocalyptic saga helmed by the renowned Russo Brothers and co-starring the charismatic Chris Pratt. “Sharing the screen with Chris is an exhilarating experience,” she beamed. “It’s empowering to be regarded as his equal on set by both our peers and the production team.”

Yet, her rise to fame hasn’t been without challenges. Reflecting on her early years during the Stranger Things promotional tours, Brown recalls facing undue criticism. At the mere age of 13, she was unfairly reprimanded for overshadowing her co-stars during interviews. The harsh words from adults, labeling her as “bratty” or “overbearing,” deeply impacted her self-expression. “We were just kids, enthusiastic and often speaking over one another,” she remarked. “However, I felt I was disproportionately singled out.”

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The pressure led Brown to retract and become more reserved in interviews, waiting for her “turn” even when she longed to contribute. But with maturity and introspection, she understands the importance of shielding young artists from such undue scrutiny. Advocating for empathy, she asserts, “Young actors are still evolving, both mentally and emotionally. To belittle or critique them harshly can potentially stunt their growth. It’s essential to be understanding and compassionate.”

In addition to her on-screen endeavors, Brown has ventured into the literary world with her debut novel titled Nineteen Steps, further showcasing her multifaceted talents.

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Note: This article showcases a revised and more in-depth perspective on Millie Bobby Brown’s interview with Glamour magazine.

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