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Marvel New Release Schedule Updated for TV Shows ‘Agatha,’ ‘Echo,’ & ‘X-Men ’97’

Marvel New Release Schedule Unveiled: Stay Updated on Your Favorite Marvel Upcoming Series Amid Industry Changes.

Marvel New Release Schedule

In light of industry-wide changes, Marvel Studios has reconfigured its Marvel new release schedule for a variety of television series. Titles like What If…?, Echo, and Agatha: Darkhold Diaries (formerly known as Agatha: Coven of Chaos) are all part of the shuffle. The rescheduling occurs against a backdrop of Hollywood strikes and a strategic shift in content distribution for Disney+.

Initiated on May 2nd and July 14th respectively, writers’ and actors’ strikes have severely affected both production and development timelines. Additionally, Marvel is keen to make each of its Marvel upcoming series a significant event for its massive fan base. As such, the studio has opted for a more cautious approach to rolling out new content.

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This marks a noticeable change from the previous year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where Marvel revealed expansive plans for Phases 5 and 6, which included a hefty line-up of shows for 2023. As it stands, only Secret Invasion in spring, Loki in October, and the second season of What If…? remain on the slate for this year.

Updated Marvel New Release Schedule

Marvel New Release Schedule

Here are the details from insider sources on the updated Marvel new release schedule:

  • Loki Season Two: The sequel to the hit series featuring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson is set to premiere on Disney+ on October 6. The first season remains the most-watched Marvel series on Disney+.
  • What If…? Season Two: This Emmy-winning animated series will make its debut around Christmas Day. The anthology show explores alternative timelines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was initially set for an early 2023 release.
  • Echo: Initially slated for a November 29 release, this Hawkeye spin-off has been postponed to January 2024. The show focuses on a character who is deaf and of Native American descent and will feature appearances by Daredevil and The Kingpin.
  • X-Men ’97: Previously planned for a fall 2023 debut, this animated series will now be released in early 2024. It acts as a continuation of the iconic 1990s X-Men series.
  • Agatha: Darkhold Diaries: Originally set for winter 2023, this WandaVision spinoff has been moved to early fall 2024 and aims to capitalize on the Halloween season.
  • Ironheart and Daredevil: Born Again: While these shows have been progressing, their production is currently affected by the strikes. Their new release dates are yet to be determined.
  • Wonder Man: Also paused due to strikes, the release schedule for this series remains uncertain.

Marvel Upcoming Series Release Schedule

Series NameOriginal Release DateNew Release Date
Loki Season TwoFall 2023October 6, 2023
What If…? Season TwoEarly 2023Christmas 2023
EchoNovember 29, 2023January 2024
X-Men ’97Fall 2023Early 2024
Agatha: Darkhold DiariesWinter 2023Early Fall 2024
IronheartFall 2023TBD
Daredevil: Born AgainSpring 2024TBD
Wonder ManTBDTBD

This updated Marvel new release schedule is a testament to the studio’s commitment to quality and its desire to give each of the Marvel upcoming series its due moment in the spotlight.

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