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LOKI Season 2 Premiere Episodes Bring Back The Excitement For The MCU

Loki season 2 premiere episodes sees a return to exciting stories out of the MCU.

Image via Disney+.

WandaVision and Loki were the first stories after Avengers: Endgame, and the first of the MCU TV shows. Both shows were highly influential in their bold attempts to tell different kinds of stories. Loki season 1 redeemed the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest villain and successfully turned him into a hero. The show also set up a larger threat for the MCU after Thanos, which was teased in other movies as well. And now, the Loki season 2 premiere episodes build on that threat, in a way that brings back excitement to the fledgling franchise.

Please note that this Loki season 2 premiere episodes review will be spoiler-free.

Loki Season 2 Picks Up Where Season 1 Left Off

Loki season 2 premiere episodes Sylvie.
Image via Disney+.

The Loki season 2 premiere episodes continue the story from that cliffhanger ending in season 1. With the passing of He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), the multiverse is in disarray and the timelines are branching wildly in every direction. With the status quo of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) in chaos, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Mobius (Owen Wilson), and B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) need to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. While also figuring out what happened to Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). 

Loki was one of the better releases from the MCU as it successfully blended emotional storylines with a larger-than-life spectacle. While Loki came to terms with not being just a villain, we also got the story of his variant, Sylvie, and her isolated life fighting against the TVA. Their love story also made the show veer off the beaten path, as it focused on two people who lost everything, coming together to find companionship within each other. The Loki season 2 premiere episodes continue that spectacle from season 1, with even more subtext and symbolism for a larger story. 

The Loki Season 2 Premiere Episodes Waste No Time In Its Story

Loki season 2 premiere episodes Wilson
Image via Disney+.

Where Loki season 2 starts, is exciting and riveting. It’s a story that doesn’t drag or allow audiences to catch their breath. While Loki is still dealing with some unresolved identity issues and getting the hang of doing the right thing, the larger story goes at a pretty frantic pace. Almost every episode has a time factor, that propels the story forward. We explore even more of the TVA, going into the depths of the organization, sometimes literally, to discover even more complexities about how it affects the universe as a whole. 

And while the story moves forward with great pacing, it sometimes comes at the expense of an emotional core. While I am enjoying the story and the twists and turns it’s taking, the Loki season 2 premiere episodes almost feel less emotional or substantive than season 1. There are definitely moments of introspective thought, such as with Mobius, and how he’s dealing with the revelation that he’s a variant. But otherwise, the emotional turmoil and conflict from season 1 feel largely missing. 

If Only All MCU Performances Were This Good

Loki season 2 premiere episodes Quan.
Image via Disney+.

Out of everything else though, the Loki season 2 premiere episodes showcase Hiddleston’s incredible range and performance in a role that he’s played for over 10 years now. This might be Hiddleston’s best performance as the God of Mischief. Which is remarkable to say, seeing how many other times he’s done the same role. But here, he brings a certain confidence but also vulnerability to the character that we didn’t see when he was just the villain. 

And I love Owen Wilson, but I love a dramatic Owen Wilson even more. And while there are many moments of hilarity between Wilson and Hiddleston, it’s the quieter moments of reflection where Wilson shines. Mobius is a complicated character and I hope the rest of season 2 allows him to have a conclusive arc. The newest entry into Loki season 2 is Ke Huay Quan, who is absolutely brilliant, as usual. Seeing him share the screen with the rest of the cast in an MCU project was very heartwarming. 

Loki Season 2 Is Off To A Great Start

Loki season 2 premiere episodes Cast
Image via Disney+.

Overall the second season of Loki kicks things off to a great start with new plot points and teasing a threat that, while it promises to upend the MCU, it’s still insular enough to enjoy on its own. The best thing about Loki is that it’s avoiding the connections to the rest of the MCU, which is taking a lot of criticism these days due to its diminishing returns. If Loki continues building its own universe connected to, but largely separate from the sprawling MCU and its’ many characters and stories, it can be one of the best MCU shows of all time. 

Loki season 2 premieres on Disney+ on October 5, 2023. 

Let us know your thoughts on the Loki season 2 premiere in the comments below. Or follow me on X (Twitter) at @theshahshahid for more thoughts on Loki season 2 and the MCU. 

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