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London Theater Company Confirms Kevin Spacey is Still Canceled

Six years since Kevin Spacey has been in public other than visit court. One of the first times he does, the red carpet was taken from him.

Kevin Spacey still canceled
Credit: Susannah Ireland/Reuters

Poor Kevin Spacey. It’s been six years, but the fight rages on. Although #MeToo rode off into the sunset, the spirit of holding pedophiles, perverts, and power-hungry Hollywood types is still alive and well–just ask him.

It’s been a long and winding road for the guy who has been battling perv charges since 2017. That’s when the shunned actor became a recluse, following the viral charge from Anthony Rapp. You may remember: He accused Kevin Spacey of rape when he was 14 years old.

The multiple accusations still haunt the guy who was looking for a fine time and world premiere in London’s West End for his first film since he was impeached from Netflix’s hit series House of Cards. Unfortunately, the anticipated hoopla for Control at the Prince Charles Cinema was canceled, much like the actor.

That’s when he was told he was not welcome at the theater or his film, just because he was in it.

Greg Lynn, the general manager of the small indie house sent an email to Welsh actor and star of the microbudget film, Lauren Metcalfe. (She was the Dunbury maid in Bridgerton.)

“We have an issue. It is with my apologies that I have to inform you that we have cancelled your hire with us. Last night it came to our attention that your film features Kevin Spacey, in particular his first film since the court case,” Lynn continued. “My staff as well as I are horrified that we are being mentioned in the same breath as his new film for the premiere.”

That’s going to leave a mark.

In Outer Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey going to trial
Credit: Yuki Iwamura / AFP via Getty Images

What’s interesting about the theater refusing the premiere, and red carpet event is the decision was based on Kevin Spacey is in it. Well, he’s not. Literally.

Spacey is a voice on the phone throughout the movie. Metcalfe talks on the phone with a mysterious person, played by him. He’s never in the movie — just a dude talking. But the movie is connected to him, a pariah of the public eye, so “Sorry, we’re closed.”

Back in July, the two-time Oscar-winning actor was in court for allegations from four London men who said Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted them from 2001 to 2013. His claim was two of the four were consensual, one “never happened,” and the other was a “clumsy pass.” I guess Spacey tripped and fell or something?!

Despite the scheduling setback, some people are standing up for the guy. Moreover, they are supporting him and trying to help him move on.

After Spacey was cleared on all counts following a four-week trial in London’s Southwark Crown Court, “Control” director Gene Fallaize told Variety, “I don’t regret casting Kevin and I would do it all over again.”

Kevin Spacey is Still Canceled

If you have been faced with legal trauma for six years, that would be a comfort. This is particularly true since he was acquitted of all charges following 12 hours of jury deliberations. Insert legalese boilerplate copy:

“Mr. Spacey has proven his innocence in every courtroom in which he has appeared. Every juror who has considered the evidence against him has unanimously rejected the false allegations. The Prince Charles Cinema’s decision to censor Kevin’s exciting new project is beyond disappointing. It rejects the legal process of two countries, ignores the overwhelming evidence of Kevin’s innocence, and disregards the sacrifice of dozens of impartial jurors who found Kevin 100% innocent.”

It doesn’t erase the remaining myriad of charges accusing him of forced sexual activity, harassment, and the occasional underage and non-consensual variety. It’s been six long years, and just as a theater was rolling out the red carpet, he got rolled over with it.

“Whilst we were briefly disappointed, we have found a much better and more appropriate venue, and one that is happy to be hosting the event,” Metcalfe’s representative said, adding that they “considered the matter closed.”

The matter may be closed, Lauren, but since you’re attached to him, so are the doors.

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