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Kate Beckinsale Gets Lubed Up And Wears Latex As She Eats Breakfast Cereal

Kate Beckinsale explains how she slips into tight latex outfits on Jimmy Fallon.

Kate Beckinsale Latex Icon Jimmy Fallon

Actress Kate Beckinsale appeared on The Tonight Show yesterday evening looking incredible wearing a knee-length latex dress from designer Jane Doe Latex. Beckinsale gives an interesting and not entirely coherent explanation as to why she likes looking at the Succession star’s face every 30 seconds.

If Kate Beckinsale’s on your show, you can guarantee she’ll be a hoot and a holler, and her appearance on The Tonight Show is no exception. Gracing fans and Jimmy Fallon alike in a gorgeous white ‘n black latex suit she immediately had the audience in splits of laughter explaining she had to get ‘all lubed up’ for the special occasion. Kate Beckinsale latex icon.

Kate Beckinsale latex on The Tonight Show

She quickly pivots to talking about Succession’s Brian Cox being her phone’s lock screen wallpaper. Kate Beckinsale cheekily describes him having a “testicular pull” that has him coming to hear aid the moment she’s going through trouble, which led to a laugh riot in the audience. She goes on to talk about the fatherly relationship he has with her since they did an “awful” movie starring incredible actors including Christian Bale, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, and of course, Kate herself.

Kate Beckinsale on Jimmy Fallon

The interview takes an even more hilarious turn as Fallon produces a bunch of popular American cereals for Kate Beckinsale to try and give her opinion on. She proceeded to try out Lucky Charms, which the British actor didn’t much care for and thought was a tad much. She felt Froot Loops was a bit better in comparison before finally moving on to both Cap’n Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the former of which she loved the most of the four.

Kate Beckinsale Latex Icon

Kate Beckinsale in Latex
Flaunt Magazine

Kate Beckinsale and latex are a killer combination for sure, as her beautiful outfit was the center of attention during her appearance on The Tonight Show. But this isn’t the first time the Underworld star has served looks in latex. Here are a few more instances you can check out the one and only Kate Beckinsale is the epitome of beauty while making it look effortless:

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