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Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Anyone But You’ Hits $50M: Hollywood’s Next Major Star?

Breaking Box Office Expectations: Is This Sydney Sweeney’s Rise as Hollywood’s Newest Sensation?

Sydney Sweeney

The rom-com genre has been revitalized with the recent success of Sony’s Anyone But You, starring the captivating Sydney Sweeney and the charming Glen Powell. This film has not only charmed audiences but also made a significant impact at the box office, surpassing the $50 million mark domestically and amassing $65 million globally. This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the film’s modest production budget of $25 million.

Sydney Sweeney Anyone But You Hits $50M

Sydney Sweeney Anyone But You

Comparisons are being drawn to another Sony rom-com, No Hard Feelings, featuring Jennifer Lawrence, which had a higher budget of $45 million but garnered a similar domestic box office total of $50.4 million.

At the time of this article, Anyone But You has surpassed $78 million at the global box office and dethroned No Hard Feelings. Anyone But You, is after Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s Ticket To Paradise to become the second highest-grossing rom-com post-Covid.

Is Sydney Sweeney emerging as the next big bankable star in Hollywood?

Sydney Sweeney Style

Her performance in Anyone But You has received widespread acclaim, contributing significantly to the film’s success. Sweeney’s ability to draw audiences and generate substantial box office revenue signals a promising future in the industry.

Sony’s decision to invest in Anyone But You, an R-rated rom-com, has paid off handsomely. The film’s performance is a testament to the enduring appeal of romantic comedies and the star power of actors like Sydney Sweeney. As Hollywood continues to evolve, it’s clear that the combination of engaging storytelling and captivating performances can still lead to box office success.

As Anyone But You continues its impressive run, surpassing No Hard Feelings, it not only marks a win for Sony but also solidifies Sydney Sweeney’s status as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Her ability to connect with audiences and deliver compelling performances positions her as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. The success of Anyone But You suggests that Sweeney’s star will only continue to rise, making her one of the most bankable and exciting talents in the film industry today.

A look at Sydney Sweeney’s Upcoming Projects

Madame Web — February 14, 2024

Sydney Sweeney - Madame Web
Sony Pictures Releasing

The much-awaited Madame Web (also with Sony) is finally set to grace cinemas on Valentine’s Day, 2024. Marking the fourth chapter in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, this film is directed by the talented S. J. Clarkson and stars Dakota Johnson as the enigmatic lead. For the first time, Marvel’s mysterious character, Madame Web, will be portrayed on the big screen, bringing a fresh superhero narrative to audiences worldwide.

The story centers around Cassandra Web, played by Johnson, a New York City paramedic grappling with her newfound clairvoyant powers. As she navigates this complex journey, Cassandra, along with three other women destined for greatness, finds themselves up against a formidable foe threatening to shatter their lives.

Joining Johnson is the gifted Sweeney, who takes on the role of Julia Carpenter, also known as Spider-Woman. This character, first introduced in Marvel Comics in 1984, has long been anticipated by fans and promises to add an exciting layer to the film. The cast is further bolstered by the talents of Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Mercer, and Tahar Rahim, ensuring a stellar ensemble for this superhero spectacle.

Immaculate — Coming Soon in 2024

Sydney Sweeney

Sweeney, who initially graced the silver screen in a supporting role in John Carpenter’s The Ward, makes a riveting return to the psychological horror genre with her latest project, Immaculate. Set to release in 2024, the film’s exact date remains under wraps. Adding to her impressive repertoire, Sweeney not only leads the cast but also steps into the role of producer. Directed by Michael Mohan, the film boasts an international ensemble featuring Alvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano, Giorgio Colangeli, and Simona Tabasco.

“Immaculate” unfolds the story of Cecilia, portrayed by Sweeney, a devout woman who embarks on a journey to an idyllic Italian convent, only to find that this seemingly perfect haven harbors dark and mysterious secrets. As she delves deeper, Cecilia’s life is thrown into turmoil by the startling revelations she uncovers. Currently in post-production, the film promises a gripping narrative, though further details about its plot remain tantalizingly scarce.

Euphoria Season 3 — Coming in 2025

Sydney Sweeney Euphoria

The eagerly awaited third season of Euphoria is set to return to screens in 2025. This series, which launched Sweeney to stardom with her captivating portrayal of Cassie Howard, first captured audiences in 2019. Following the success of its second season, which premiered on HBO in early 2022, fans are once again looking forward to rejoining Zendaya’s character, Rue, and her group of friends as they traverse the complexities of their teenage years and confront personal challenges.

The second season’s remarkable reception from both audiences and critics quickly paved the way for the announcement of a third season, bringing back most of the original cast. However, due to unforeseen delays caused by industry-wide strikes in Hollywood, production for the new season has been pushed back, leading to a 2025 release date. This delay has been a source of disappointment for the show’s dedicated fanbase, but anticipation continues to build for the return of this critically acclaimed series.

Anyone But You

Anyone But You

Bea and Ben look like the perfect couple, but after an amazing first date, something happens that turns their fiery hot attraction ice cold — until they find themselves unexpectedly thrust together at a destination wedding in Australia. So they do what any two mature adults would do – pretend to be a couple.

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