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Star Trek

Trekkies Owe Michelle Yeoh Big Love for Star Trek: Section 31

Alex Kurtzman woke up Star Trek fans in hypersleep at New York Comic Con about Star Trek: Section 31 still being made.

Michelle Yeoh as Empress Philippi

While the world continues to hold out hope for Star Trek 4 and watch TV series Discovery and Prodigy flush down a black hole, Michelle Yeoh is officially the savior of Star Trek Section 31.

Wait, what?!

Back in 2019, Trekkies (among the rest of us nerds) got some refreshing news about another Star Trek film, which would be exclusive to Paramount+. It would feature the dazzling Michelle Yeoh as Empress Philippa Georgiou, a role she began to commandeer during Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery. Again, that was 2019.

Needless to say, those same nerds have long since exhaled and assumed it was another Star Trek rumor that vanished like a fart in the wind. Well, time to hold your breath again because New York Comic-Con just set its phasers to stun and brought Star Trek: Section 31 back from the dead.

Star Trek: Section 31 Will Live Long and Prosper

Star Trek Section 31 - Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh as Empress Philippa Georgiou, Star Trek: Discovery (Credit: Jan Thijs via CBS Television Studios)

Alex Kurtzman, the Star Trek showrunner who is actually doing something (J.J. Abrams, we’re looking at you), was at this weekend’s Comic-Con in New York. During the Star Trek panel, he shared that Michelle Yeoh is behind the creation of Star Trek: Section 31 “with all her power.”

Circa four years ago, Star Trek: Section 31 was slated to be a Paramount+ series but has since been determined it will be a movie. (That’s actually the better decision.) At the time, Variety spoke with the Oscar-winning actress about reprising her role as the mercurial Empress Philippa Georgiou.

“I’m beyond thrilled to return to my Star Trek family and to the role I’ve loved for so long,” said Yeoh. “Section 31 has been near and dear to my heart since I began the journey of playing Philippa all the way back when this new golden age of Star Trek launched. To see her finally get her moment is a dream come true in a year that’s shown me the incredible power of never giving up on your dreams. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for you, and until then: live long and prosper (unless Emperor Georgiou decrees otherwise)!”

Kurtzman also shared news about other Star Trek projects:

  • Star Trek: Discovery is entering its fifth–and final–season
  • Now that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are finding resolve, the Starfleet Academy series is taking off and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Season 3 is in the works.

Michelle Yeoh Star Trek Section 31

However, the exclamation point of the NYCC panel was the praising of Yeoh and her championing of Star Trek: Section 31.

Per the official logline, “Emperor Philippa Georgiou joins a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets and faces the sins of her past.” Rumors of a Yeoh-led Section 31 project began upon the conclusion of Season 1 of “Discovery,” after a deleted scene revealed Georgiou being approached by a member of the shadowy intelligence organization on the Klingon homeworld.

If you have Paramount+, you may have noticed the streamer is the unofficial home of all things Star Trek. If you have seen it on TV or in the movies, Paramount quietly put it all out there. And not just the older stuff. Anson Mount’s Strange New Worlds is there, and worth the watch. Star Trek: Discovery (featuring Michelle Yeoh) is too, on both fronts. And now, it sounds like Star Trek: Section 31 won’t be the last original Paramount+ movie.

With Kurtzman on the bridge, and Yeoh fighting for her character, the future of Star Trek is definitely facing warp speed. Production will begin on the film later this year.

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