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Blake Lively Radiates in Hot Red Bikini for her latest Betty Buzz Campaign

Red Bikini, Bold Flavors: Blake Lively Sizzles in New Betty Buzz Campaign.

Blake Lively Betty Buzz Campaign
Betty Buzz

Blake Lively is certainly making waves with the Blake Lively Betty Buzz campaign. The breathtaking actress stole the spotlight in a scorching red bikini, reminiscent of the iconic Baywatch look while promoting her sparkling mixer company, Betty Buzz. As the dazzling face of the brand, the 35-year-old former Gossip Girl celebrity showcased the Betty Buzz beverage line in a series of eye-catching Instagram photos.

Lively’s caption on one set of images read: “Grapefruit @bettybuzz a genuine crowd-pleaser.” In the featured carousel picture, the Age of Adaline starlet wore a chic visor, creating a sultry red hue across her face, and sported playful pigtails. She accentuated her look with gleaming gold rings and a perfectly matching red manicure as she took a sip from a Betty Buzz glass, her lips meeting its red rim.

The Blake Lively in a red bikini Instagram story added nostalgia as it played Fountains of Wayne’s 2003 hit, Stacy’s Mom. Subsequent images unveiled Lively creatively using the drink to cool off by the poolside and a beaming photo showcasing the Betty Buzz product front and center.

Blake Lively Betty Buzz Campaign Red Bikini

But the campaign wasn’t just about the red-hot bikini. Lively introduced her audience to more of the Betty Buzz collection, spotlighting two other flavors – Meyer Lemon and Lemon Lime. She gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse with a quirky note, stating, “This isn’t some wild mating ritual. I genuinely sip on @bettybuzz Meyer Lemon, all day, every day.”

Emphasizing her love for her brand, Lively humorously revealed, “I am our top customer, and while I value privacy, I can’t resist mentioning that @vancityreynolds comes in as our second biggest fan.”

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